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Good Shepherd Baptist of Peniel is bona fide 501-(c)3 nonprofit organization. A Haitian Kreol speaking church located at 2701 Tilden Avenue Brooklyn NY 11226
with another location in Haiti located at Route Nationale # 4 Timache Tellier Lamothe Port-au-prince
Haiti. The Church was founded in 1960’s by Reverends Luides Clephat and Agenord Marcellus. upon their arrival in the U.S in the 70’s their also founded this location with a small group of people
in St. John’s Place and kept growing until today with God’s grace. In January 2005 Pastor Cleophat passed away. Today Pastor Agenord Marcellus our Senior pastor is leading the church. under his leadership with God’s grace the congregation is growing tremendously. by his side are also Pastors Magloire Felix and Jean Guerma Petion leading the congregation. in collaboration with them are: reverends Etienne Cid, Emmanuel Sanon, Simon Cid and Evangelist Floristal Ganthier



Good Shepherd Baptist Church of Peniel and its congregation believe that we are a part

Of the Universal Church of Jesus-Christ, seeking to bear witness to GOD’S intention to

redemption and wholeness to all creation.


  1. Since Jesus-Christ is the head of the Church, we believe that each body of Christians, seeking to order its life in accordance with scriptures under the guidance of the Holy

Spirit, has the responsibility under God to be associated with a caring community of churches looking to live under the Lordship of Jesus-Christ. We should express the Good News of Jesus-Christ so that persons are called to receive Christ and to commit their lives to God’s Kingdom.


As Baptists, we strongly affirm the autonomy, integrity and diversity of our local congregation of believers as true Church and community of faith.


Believing that the strength of our fellowship, lies in voluntary association and unity of our members and other local churches.


  1. Having been led by the Spirit of God to give expression to our faith in Jesus-Christ as Lord and Savior within a community of believers, and in response to God’s love and command “to go into the world,” we are totally committed to the following: to affirm

our statement of faith.


  1. Accept responsibility for wider mission tasks. This shall be carried out by each member being faithful in their giving.
  2. Development of Church Leaders.
  3. Making available the services for pastoral counseling and local staff relationship.
  4. Provide counsel and guidance in church planning and new Church Development.
  5. Providing counseling in the implementation of adequate Christian Education programs and choice of appropriate teaching materials and other resources.
  6. Youth development and guidance services.
  7. Giving to charities, visiting the sick and prisons facilities.
  8. Spiritual development of present Church members.


The church ministry information we have:

Ministry of Evangelism:

Emission Christ Est A La Porte : Evangelization Program Every Sunday Night

From 9-11 p.m. offering prayers for the sick, and lots of gospel music for the soul messages from our pastors and invite the lost to accept Christ for their Lord and Savior and be save and have Eternal life.( put the phone numbers to call us)

Women’s Ministry:  every Monday night go from house to house to pray for

families within the church or anywhere there is a need from 7:30 – 9p.m.. On occasion they even travel to Boston, Philadelphia, Connecticut  etc..

Men’s Ministry: they do the same : every Wednesday night. From 7:30 -9 p.m.

Missionnary tour :Every year our Pastors travel to Haiti to preach the good news of the gospel of Jesus-Christ. they Collect food for the hungry clothing medical supplies  please make a donation. their next trip is in July we need your help in making this missionary tour a success.

Youth Ministry is hosting a health fair



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